Tuesday, July 16, 2013


The main objective of this blog showcase is to celebrate and affirm the good visual design works done by the Year 1, 2013 batch of students of the School of Science and Technology (SST), Singapore, for their Visual Communication project, in the Art, Design, Media and Technology (ADMT) subject area.

These works are the culmination of the students' individual 1-semester effort in uncovering their understanding and application of the Visual Communication module that covers areas such as logo design, namecard design and infographics design. Though the primary aim of this effort is to come up with solutions to design briefs, elements of creativity, innovation and media literacy are also incorporated to give the SST student a good grounding to Visual Communication elements.

So do take some time to look through the visual presentations done creatively by the students from the various classes to their given briefs, and enjoy their efforts.

Irfan Darian
Subject Head (ADMT)
SST, Singapore

Miss Nicole Wong
Visual Communication Module Lead Coordinator
ADMT (2013)
SST, Singapore