Logo Design

Design Brief
Design a logo for your peer. The final logo design should visually communicate your peer’s personality and will eventually be placed on a name card and designed to bring out the essence of your peer's personality.

Design Process
The logo design project aims to enable students to have a better understanding and appreciation towards simple visual forms that communicates a message. Besides studying the meaning and design process of successful international logos, students hold interviews with their target audiences (assigned peers) to get to know more about their personalities before generating idea sketches. Students were also taught to generate ideas through the use of Idea Generation Tools such as the Morphological Matrix and SCAMPER. Through analysis and peer critiques, ideas were refined and final forms were digitalized. Colour theory was also exercised in design sketches to better communicate the target audience's identity.

The following logo designs are some exemplars done by these Year 1 students (12-13 year olds). Do take some time to view and enjoy their works.

Passan Hettige, S1-02

Clarie Sng, s1-03

Sean Chiu, S1-04

Olivia Monteiro, S1-05

Marcus Choy, S1-05

Jonathan Liew, S1-05

Andres Wong, S1-05

Chew Yean Yee, S1-06

Lewis Dobson, S1-06

Sherwyn Ng, S1-06

Ray Ang, S1-06

Claire Tham, S1-07

Seraphina Chia, S1-07

Vanshiqa, S1-07

Bryan Chang, S1-07

Tan Jian Qing, S1-07

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