Infographics Design

Design Brief
Choose a familiar category of data from the "Yearbook of Singapore Statistics 2012".
Design an Infographic piece that improves cognition and enhance the human's visual system ability to digest the given data quickly, accurately and clearly.

Design Process
A sequel to the design project in Term 1, students applied design principles through a series of class assignments to come up with graphic visuals that communicate specific categories of data they have chosen to work on.

Students kept a digital design journal to document their critical thinking processes throughout the project. Besides brainstorming for ideas, research was also emphasized, to guide students to designing a creative yet accurate graphical representation of a specified category of data.

This project also served as a check on students understanding of the Elements and Principles of Design, such that if used in the appropriate manner, would allow target audiences to easily spot patterns and trends in the infographic data.

At the final stages of the project, students digitalize their designs and explore different colour palettes to efficiently communicate their data.

The following infographic designs are some exemplars done by these Year 1 students. Do take some time to view and enjoy their works.

Clarie Sng, S1-03

Chang Kai Jie, S1-03

Myo Nyi Nyi, S1-03

Thomas Lee, S1-03

Vernen Lim, S1-03

Eunice, S1-04

Myat Noe, S1-04

Marcus Choy, S1-05

Claire Tham, S1-07

Bryan Chang, S1-07

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